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ESO After Full Level Will Have "Veterans" Content

2014-03-31 09:45:09

Elder scrolls online players level cap to level 50, but according to creative direction Pau, Sage said after full level there are still many Veteran Ranks content, waiting for them, and don't let the game immediately becomes dull.


In ESO's official blog, detailed introduction, Sage Tamriel continent with a part of content only grown to limit veteran players to come into contact with it. Players can enter the Cyrodill level 50, this is the PVP areas, ESO can be alone to go together, can also can collect resources to complete the task.


Players can form "gank squad," free roaming in PVP areas, his farm, and other resources, and other roaming enemies to fight. The PVP combat can let people gain valuable experience in the War, in the future in the Alliance War plays an important role. More large-scale PVP team can gain ground or cut off the enemy supply lines. In addition, the full level region will also provide a single game and double PVE content, he points out that two thirds of ESO's mission is "handmade" full to do after class.


"I've said many times, our game to the level 50 is just beginning. At the time of veteran level 1, you can go to any place in the first or the second league. Waiting for you to open the third league, is to see the whole world. Yes, this process is very difficult, but this is the challenge."


Game 4 and 12 others PVE content, plot will continue to lower the underground city didn't finished the story. These full level underground city has a large amount of replay value, corresponding to a lot of high achievement. Next week with the release of the ESO, will be the first to prepare six veteran dungeons, there are 4 Craglorn adventure regions and 12 people tried to challenge.


"We will join the new system, gradually to 50 level before and after the game. Game system expansion will provide players with more experience, all around the world to make the game more rich." began accepting eso gold reserve!


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