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ESO to launch the trial system    2014-08-12 10:01:25

Zenimax Online Studios for ESO today launched a series of new elements, the content is in active development.

ESO and nearly 800000 subscribers    2014-07-31 15:14:21

Since April 4, Bethesda, MMORPG new The Elder Scrolls Online sale

ESO has landed Steam    2014-07-23 09:28:00

The elder scrolls Online today on Steam. Will players be able to purchase them via Steam emperors and ordinary editions of the two versions.

ESO copy - recruit players hate    2014-07-13 10:44:54

Released in operation after a period of time, is about to usher in the first game Craglorn update exploration area

"The elder scrolls OL" : can I use copy disgusted dead you this group of players    2014-06-29 10:55:44

The elder scrolls Online launch operations after a month, is about to usher in the first game Craglorn update exploration area, the game is the chief content of designer Rich Lambert has accepted the foreign media interview, on the part of the game content and how to obtain eso gold are introduced, and put forward some questions answered the reporters.

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